Regular water tank cleaning is essential to ensure both safe drinking water and good water pressure. Healthy Water Solutions is your answer to clean and sparkling water.

Our 4WD van can get close to your tank without damaging your garden or lawn. We carry long hoses so the waste can be channeled out of the way. We have upgraded to electric pumps to achieve zero noise pollution and zero emissions. A power outlet is required near the tanks.

The Health Department recommends annual checking and cleaning of water tanks.

Why should I clean my water tank?

Full Tank?

You don’t have to loose all the water. We remove the sludge from the bottom by carefully vacuuming the dirty zone away.

This method uses approximately 40cm of water, so you don’t have to buy a full load of water.

Empty/Low Tank?

We get inside the tank and scrub it thoroughly without chemicals, and pump out all the waste.

The tank is left completely clean and empty, ready for a water delivery. We can notify the carrier when the tank cleaning has been completed.