Regular water tank cleaning is essential to ensure both safe drinking water and good water pressure. Healthy Water Solutions is your answer to clean and sparkling water.

If your tank is full of water we are able to clean your tank using our specialised cleaning equipment to vacuum away the dirty zone at the bottom of your tank, without stirring up the water. Our method is similar to cleaning a swimming pool.

Water Tank Cleaning

If you are low on water then it is a good opportunity to get inside the tank, scrub the walls, pump out the sludge, then vacuum clean the base with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner so the tank is pristine, ready for a load of water.  We can notify your water carrier that the tank is ready to fill.

Our 4WD van can get close to your tank without damaging your garden or lawn. We carry long hoses so the waste can be channeled out of the way. An electrical supply is required for our pumps. We usually plug into the pump power outlet. For safety purposes we always use our own RCD. This ensures we don’t trip your entire power supply – a problem if you aren’t home.

The Health Department recommends annual checking and cleaning of water tanks.