Once we have cleaned your tank, it is preferable your water remains clean and healthy.

We recommend the following water filtration products to ensure your family is protected from harmful bugs in the water.

  • Leaf Filter
  • Cleaning Eye
  • Tank Snorkel
  • Ultraviolet Filtration

Leaf Filter

The leaf filter basket prevents any unwanted debris from your roof – mainly leaves and vermin from entering your tank. The filter is fitted into the 300 mm hole cut into the tank top. The basket can take 100 mm pipe. Cleaning the filter is a simple task and takes less than five minutes – you simply loosen the rubber joint to remove the pipe then shake out the basket.

Filtration Images

Cleaning Eye

Cleaning Eye inlineMany tanks these days are plumbed as siphonic or wet systems. This means the filling pipe(s) hold water. This water in the pipe can stagnate, particularly in the dry summer months when water can sit for extended periods. This stagnant water can cause discolouration, foul odour and foul taste. Once it rains this water gets flushed into the tank, contaminating your whole supply. When your water does become smelly, the odour tends to be worst when showering as the water is atomised.

To prevent this foul water from being washed into your tank, we install our cleaning eye at the lowest point in the pipe work. To flush out the foul water, you simply open the cap or valve and allow all the water to drain out.

With the valve arrangement, you can crack the valve slightly to enable constant draining.

If you require a more automated system, then we also install first flush diverters. These diverters dump the first amount of rainfall from the collection system.

Tank Snorkel

Most tanks are plumbed to draw the water from the bottom – an area of poor quality water. To ensure you are getting the best quality water from your tank we recommend the tank snorkel. These devices draw the clean and fresh water from just under the surface. The tank snorkel comes supplied with a stainless steel strainer to protect your pump from sucking in debris. The snorkel is supplied with a 32 mm threaded male fitting but can be reduced to fit any sized outlet.

Snorkel Filtration

Our tank snorkels can be fitted to above ground and in ground tanks. Once fitted, they provide years of maintenance–free service, extending the life of your filters and pump.

Ultraviolet Filtration (UV)

UV filtration is the best way to protect your family from any harmful bugs present in the water. The UV system consists of 2 pre filters. These remove coarse dirt then fine dirt and cysts (Giardia). The water is then sterilised with the UV light that instantly removes any harmful bugs in your water.

Water Filtration

The advantage of UV is that it does not affect the taste and odour of your water, unlike chlorine and runs silently. With UV filtration, your water is continuously disinfected, 24/7.

We normally install UV as a whole house system, so every tap is safe to drink from. Smaller under bench kitchen UV filters are also available.

Healthy Water Solutions provide a yearly maintenance service to ensure the UV system is protecting your family’s health.

Please note that under bench drinking filters do not remove bacteria and viruses in the water.